Wednesday, 30 September 2009

090929 Voronoi Script Test

The Voronoi Script (a.k.a Point Set Reconstruction) from McNeel Wiki is a little bit too primitive. It restricted to only abounded by a box and the cells are either curves, polysurfaces or meshes. It's really hard to manipulate the generated cells. To achieve what I want, which the cell membranes as primary structure while having a curve opening, I started learning how to script in Rhino.

Scripting in Rhino is not new and getting more refine and powerful. I have gone through the basic introductory of scripting called vbscript for beginners downloaded from McNeel Wiki. Then I saw RhinoScript101 on the web as well. Spent the whole day in trying to create openings for voroni cells. Something like this posted by sonniewong on Caustic Surface: 3D Voronoi Script Test.

Here's my result with the script written by me.

What I did was
-> Pick Polysurface
-> Scale <1> Extractwireframe
-> Join as Polyline
-> CurveThroughPolyline
-> PlanarSrf the Curve
-> End (that was as far as I got last night)

Ideally, the close polyline of the cells can for planarsrf with the insetted curve.
Then, I can extrude surface with a thickness. Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

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